Ants Book

$ 4.99

Brand: Usborne

Product Description

Do you know a young child who just loves bugs? If so this children’s book is sure to keep them busy! With easy-to-read text, colorful photographs, and detailed illustrations, this kids book is perfect for children ages four and up!

  • Hardcover book
  • Contains interesting photographs and illustrations
  • Introduces beginner readers to ants!
  • Includes internet links for video clips and additional information

Ants is a children's book perfect for kids who are interested in insects and bugs! This insightful book dives into the world of ants. Children will learn where ants live, their anatomy, what they eat, how much weight they can carry, their habitats, and how they stay safe from predators by going through the book. This kids book is one that will be picked up time after time.

  • Published by Usborne Children's Books
  • Great for ages four and up
  • Has 32 pages packed with information about ants